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Who are these people?

I’ve been getting more spam, lately, a lot of it of the “lonely hearts” variety. I’ve gotten pretty quick on the draw with deleting it, but today I paused and took a moment to actually read a couple.

I’m fascinated. Here’s the text of one:

Good time of the day!
It’s always pleasant to feel that someone is caring about you.
I wish I could send this letter to someone who loves me.
I will dream of my honey when he is  away, his soothing light will make me feel better anytime I’m down.[URL]
I know that very soon I will fall in love with him, my Right Man.
I want to offer my man  a helping hand when needed and to become his second half.
do not be shy, send me a message

Now I feel like I have to know: What kind of person does this appeal to? I’m trying to get my head around the psychology of a person who would read that email, believe that it is sincere, and click on the link? It’s just so far from my own experience I don’t know where to begin.

So, what do you think ?