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The works of last year’s man

End of the year! A time for reflection. Overall, it doesn’t feel like a great year. I didn’t feel great in 2013. Things happened at the end of 2012 that left me really depressed, guilt-ridden, and hating myself. Thanks to my friends, my therapist, and improv, I still managed to be pretty productive, however.

In 2013, I…

  • performed my first improv show in a foreign country. In May, ¡ZARZAMORA! traveled to Tampere, Finland, for the second annual Finland International Improv Festival. We were the sole American troupe among a contingent of English-speaking improvisers from Finland, Belgium, Latvia, Estonia, Slovenia, the Netherlands, and Israel. I made a lot of great friends and ate reindeer and moose.
  • returned to Rhode Island to headline, again with ¡ZARZAMORA!, the Providence Improv Festival.
  • was in a mainstage show, The Next Chapter, at the Institution. Directed by Justin Davis. Speaking of Justin…
  • started a new troupe! Justin Davis, Ben Masten, Ryan Hill, and I are Century, a monoscene troupe that I’m having a lot of fun being in. It helps that we all like each other and hang out together anyway.
  • joined a couple of troupes! Your Dad’s Friends and Taxicab Impressions are more ad-hoc than my other troupes, with members playing or not as needed. I have a blast playing with them.
  • lost a troupe. Goat sort of withered in 2013. We’re on a break right now, possibly to return at some point in the future.
  • really shaved my head for the first time, for my turn as Locke in a one-off improvised Lost at the Institution Theater.
  • was tapped to direct my first improv show, Trust No One, which will be produced at the Institution Theater in April and May of 2014.
  • was cast in my second Hideout Theatre mainstage show, an as-yet-untitled improvised samurai story. Kareem Badr and Shannon McCormick will direct it. I’m really thrilled to be returning to the Hideout’s mainstage. These shows are always top-notch, and I make it a point to audition for them whenever I can. (The sole exception was A Bedtime Gorey, during which time, I was doing the following…)
  • was in Macbeth! After a quarter-century of waiting, I finally had the opportunity to be in my favorite play. Although I did not play the lead — still something on my bucket list — I played three roles and had a great time, also making some very good friends.
  • got to be a part of the 44-Hour Improv Marathon — not one of the core eight (that was a bit of a miscommunication) but as part of  Franz & Dave, who had an absolutely killer hour of weirdness as we unveiled our Pine Falls format.
  • started playing D&D again. I played when I was in middle school and high school, and this year was a part of a game headed by Mike Nystul (of Magic Aura fame). The game started out as a casual game geared toward improvisers, but soon became a little less casual than I wanted, but it was a lot of fun when I did it.
  • opened my home to travelers. Ryan Millar and Chiara Millar from Amsterdam, Kofi Thomas from Boston, and Robbie Ellis of New Zealand, all made use of my guest room.
  • finally officially came into possession of the creepy Liz Phair painting that Gary Burnett painted in 1995. It hung in my living room from ’97-’99 and I have a soft spot in my heart for it.
    Liz Phair

Yeah. In the words of Tori Amos, it was a pretty good year. In fact, I’ll just go ahead and leave you with that.

So, what do you think ?