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Poster progress

First rehearsal for Trust No One went very well! I am so looking forward to working with the amazing cast I’m blessed with.

But that’s not the only thing I need to be working on. There’s also the poster. The poster is, I’ve decided, going to be a picture of a “conspiracy wall” — that cluttered, chaotic collage of disparate information, linked with yarn or string, that every conspiracy theorist seems to have on their wall in movies and TV shows. Here’s an example, from something called Primeval:

Primeval Conspiracy Wall

I mocked up a poster using that photo. Tweaking the size of the image a bit, I believe that I should be able to take a photo of the wall at a size ratio of 3.5:1 — every inch on the postertranslating to 3.5 inches on the wall. That would make the total image area about 5 feet.

At first I had a lower ratio in mind, as I wasn’t sure little things could be seen at that size. But using the above image, I determined that yeah, details could be made out if I use a good enough camera. I’ll have to get one of my friends with a full-frame to shoot it.

Anyway, since I live in an apartment and don’t want to tack things to my actual wall (and I also want this installation to be portable), I went to Home Depot and got two sheets of 4×8′ foamcore insulation. Because eight feet is a little too tall for my living room, I cut them both down to six. Then I nailed them to the wall.

Here’s what they looked like then:

The pink stuff on my wall

The next thing I did was paint them an eggshell white. I think it’s a bit too white, so I resolved to cover the thing completely with material.

Tonight the plan is to take my own camera and shoot what I’ve got so far, checking that at the correct size, text is legible. We’ll see just what the limits of my Rebel XT are. I predict we’ll want a much higher-res camera to do this justice.

We’ll see.


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    I’m having trouble getting a good webcomic management system go. I’ve headaches with all the plugins on WordPress…I’d like everything to look clean and neat. Do you still support stripshow?

    • Reply Brad |

      Yes, the the best of my ability. It’s unlikely there will be a version 3, but I will support 2.5 until I no longer can.

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