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More hackage

The hacker problems continue. There was a lull after I changed my shell password, but now it’s started up again big time.

I installed a few filesystem monitors on my sites, which alert me within the hour if anything changes. Hopefully, until I get this resolved, this will at least let me head off the changes before Google gets them. It’s funny; I don’t really even care if Google shows my sites at this point, I just don’t want it showing them as spam.

I contacted my hosting company and they ran some scans which found some malware… looks like the forums on stripshow.monkeylaw.org are one point of entry. I’ve updated that software and will watch that closely. However, that doesn’t seem to be what allowed the hack that is causing the headaches. So I’m still working on it. Changed my shell password again. Uninstalling and reinstalling everything. It’s a good excuse to clean up my filesystem anyway.

Also found a couple more instances of the same kind of hack, including this one, which I’m finding very useful.

So, what do you think ?