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Dream: The Franz & Dave show

Franz & Dave had a show at Hancher Auditorium, or rather, the equivalent in Austin, which doesn’t exist in the real world. I suppose it could have been the Long Center, but that phrase was never used. But anyway, I took the #30 bus to get there, but left my wig on the bus. I was bummed, but not too fazed. However, Ceej was running late, which bothered me more. He finally met up with me at a fast food restaurant not too far from the auditorium (and campus; like Hancher, this auditorium was on the river and on campus). For some reason we went to or were at the English building. It’s possible we took a class. At any rate, outside the building, we sat on the grass for a bit while we waited for time to go to the venue. When we got up to leave, I left my phone sitting there, and didn’t notice until we were almost there. Ceej and I got into an argument about whether we should go back and look for it. There wasn’t much time left. Ceej’s idea was that we would call someone to go grab it for me. I reasoned that I didn’t know anyone’s phone number. The idea of using Ceej’s phone never came up. I decided that I had no choice — I ran back, consulting everyone I encountered about the location of the English building. Finally I found it, and found my phone sitting where I left it in the grass. I made my way back to the auditorium, where a large spread of cold cuts awaited us as performers. The dream ended before we went on stage.

So, what do you think ?