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Does the Hideout really cast the same people over and over?

Auditions for the Hideout Theatre’s first 2014 mainstage show, I Love You So Much, have come and gone. And with every Hideout audition comes a spate of criticism: That the cast looks a lot like previous casts.

It’s not hard to see why. With only six shows a year, if a particular person shows up more than once or twice, it starts to look like a fixed company of performers rotating through different permutations. Not to mention the fact that the mainstage shows are not the only things going on at the Hideout; between Fancy Pants, Pick Your Own Path, and Maestro, it’s likely you’ll see lots of familiar names keep popping up.

So how true is it, then, that the Hideout casts are mere rehashings of what has come before? If only there were data.

You forget what an obsessive asshole I am. There’s totally data.

As I see it, the question is: For any given show, how many people were cast that have been in several recent shows? Say, within the past year. So I found out, for all the shows of 2013 plus the most recent one. Here’s what I found:

A graph of Hideout cast's previous experience

This is how many shows cast members of each 2013 show (and ILYSM) were in, in the year prior to that show.

Here’s how to read the graph: Each show’s line shows how many members of that cast were in either zero, one, two, three, four, or five shows in the year prior to being cast in that show. So for I Love You, for example, you can see that a quarter of them were in no shows in the preceding year. One cast member was in five shows in the preceding year. (By the way, all fours and fives are the same person.)

So what does this tell us? It tells us that Hideout auditions are indeed more open that a lot of us thought. Some are more open than others (Fakespeare, in particular, cast a staggering nine people who had not done any mainstage shows in the previous year).

Now, does that take the sting out of not being cast? No, not much, of course. But it does help to understand that the deck is not quite as stacked against you as you may have thought.

(Oh, and someone needs to just straight up murder Marc Majcher. But we all knew that anyway.)


So, what do you think ?