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Birthing a Goat

So, with the demise of my primary improv troupe, Three Hot Chicks, I decided to start a brand new one. All I had was a name: Goat.

The way I understand a troupe usually gets together is this: Two improvisers are talking, and one suggests forming a troupe. The other one agrees, and they start spitballing names of other improvisers they’d like to play with. Eventually enough of these other people have said yes, and a troupe is born.

My approach, then, may have been foolish. Unaware of how it’s usually done (despite this being how it was done with 3HC), I just made a list of people I want to play with. I eventually settled on five people (not counting myself), from varying backgrounds, who probably didn’t know each other. And I invited these people to have an informal get together at a coffee house.

All five people showed up! I was actually kind of flabbergasted. But then came the inevitable question: What are we doing here? And to that, I had, unfortunately, very little in the way of an answer.

I stumbled my way through my very vague vision for the troupe — that it would be called Goat, and do material that was based around the idea of tragedy, through the use of dark humor. Beyond that, I had a rough sketch for a format involving conspiracy theories. Nothing else.

To my relief, people started talking to each other, and to me, about what they’d like to do. My conspiracy idea didn’t seem to set anyone’s imagination afire, but one idea we kept coming back to was the idea of an improvised tragedy… perhaps something inspired by the Greeks.

(As an aside, did you know that of the thousands of tragedies performed in ancient Greece, only works by three writers survive? Those writers are Sophocles, Aeschylus, and Euripides.)

It became apparent pretty quickly who was into the idea. Indigo doodled this:

Doodle of Goat logo

I liked it a lot, so I came up with an Illustrator version:

But of course a troupe needs more than a name and a logo, and what we really need is to play together. So next comes scheduling some sort of rehearsal or play session where we can just have fun. I intend to ask an outside observer to sit in and guide the proceedings, though I haven’t decided who just yet.

This blog will chronicle the development of this troupe. Hopefully there will be a lot more to say on the subject.

So, what do you think ?